God Trusts You

When my boys were younger they were obsessed with frogs. On a summer vacation, we rented a house that had a pond and 1,000 frogs (estimate).

The house had a perfect container for frogs and a net to catch them. The boys were initially afraid to catch them so they asked me to do it for them. We caught 100 frogs together (estimate).

Over the course of the week, my boys became more courageous and wanted to try it themselves. Honestly, I was reluctant because I knew they would be disappointed if they couldn’t catch the frogs. By this time it was more challenging as the frogs alerted each other to the dangerous Gentry clan.

Initially, they watched me closely and I explained what I was doing to catch it and then it became their turn.

“Here’s the net.”

I encouraged and coached them as they tried and tried to catch a frog. Each time they would get closer until finally, they caught one and the celebration was on! The joy in watching them catch the frog was far greater than the joy in catching it myself.

It taught me the joy of being a father that entrusted his children with what they needed to get what they wanted.

God Trusts You

God desires to do the same with you. He trusts you. He is ready to say “Here’s the net” and he doesn’t hesitate.

Do you believe God trusts you? Or do you believe you need to prove you are trustworthy to him?

I find it easy to believe that God loves me, but when I consider His all-powerful and sovereign hand, I tend to think His trust must be earned. In God our Father, we discover that trust is given it is not earned.

“Trust is given, it is not earned.”
—God the Father to you

In the beginning, God trusted Adam and Eve. He didn’t hover over them warning them that the snake might lie to them or redirect them when they made the walk toward the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. He didn’t stop trusting them after they ate the fruit.

He didn’t start over with a new Adam and Eve. “Well, there’s only two of them, I can just begin again with this whole be fruitful and multiply thing.” – Said God never.

He trusted Abraham with a son of promise even when Abraham tried to take matters into his own hands and Sarah thought it humorous to be pregnant at an old age. He trusted David as King even though he was the youngest shepherd boy in his family. He trusted Mary with His Son in her womb even when she wasn’t married. He trusted Peter, then He trusted Peter again, and again, and again… you get the picture.

God trusts you the way He trusted them. He doesn’t just love you unconditionally, He trusts you endlessly.

God trusts you with His Spirit

King Jesus after crushing sin and evil on the cross and rising from the dead entrusts His disciples with His Holy Spirit. God does the same to you and me when we believe. He trusts us with the unending power of God inside of us. He trusts us with intimate knowledge of Himself, insight into His plans and trusts us with powerful gifts to accomplish more than we could ask or imagine.

He doesn’t merely trust us with a task to accomplish as a boss delegates to an employee. He trusts us with Himself and with His reputation as we now represent Him. This is the way a wife trusts her husband, the way a friend trusts and the way a child trust their parents. It is intimate and it is empowering.

God loves you. God trusts you.

God trusts you with your body, mind, soul and strength

He has created us uniquely, beautifully and special in mind, body, strength and soul. He then trusts us with how we will use it. He doesn’t take back control when we misuse or taint our minds or bodies. He invites us back to Him to remember that He trusts us.

From Adam in the garden to Peter on the shore and beyond, when God asks a question, it is not a Father asking to shame or condemn. It is a Father inviting us back to remember that He loves us and He trusts us. We need the invitation to return to who we were made to be, to be empowered once more by the power of trust.

God trusts you with the adventure of life and finds joy in you learning to live fully into who He has made you to be.

Easier to trust when you know God trusts you

The response to God’s trust is always trust in return. It is easier to trust God and trust others when we experience God as one who trusts us and loves us. The temptation is to stop trusting others and God by trusting only in ourselves and our own abilities.

This temptation is not new. This is the temptation Jesus endured as the enemy, Satan, tempted him to trust in himself over trusting in God His Father. There is great power in the no Jesus issues to Satan and we can embrace the same power by trusting in the God who first trusts in us.

Have you been betrayed, hurt or lost the ability to trust others or God? Our pain and wounds can become barriers to trusting others and God again. They can become the mouthpiece of temptation to only trust ourselves and never trust another person again. Like Jesus, we must reject this lying half-truth with the full truth.

God loves you. God trusts you. No matter what.

Here’s the net.

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