The thought behind Carpe Aeternitatem was birthed in the cemetery of a missionary compound in Miango, a village in Plateau State, Nigeria. When Casey came across the cemetery commemorating the lives of missionaries that had died in that region, he noticed a tombstone with words that caused him to examine his life. “Carpe Aeternitatem: Seize Eternity” was engraved on one of the tombstones, and after it the question, “Why settle for just one day?”

We’ve been groomed to focus on the now—to pay attention to today—not realizing the limitations inherent in that mentality. A wise professor once said, “An impatient generation looking for instant solutions and quick answers will be a generation of shallow slogans.” We abandon the mighty gift of legacy when we view our options through YOLO colored lenses. Somewhere along the way we misplaced the tool called Prudence and filled its void with the pursuit of fleeting pleasures justified by shallow reasoning.

The indication of that shift is self-evident in today’s headlines. If you do not see it on the covers of pop-culture publications, you’ll hear it the latest lyrics of today’s favorite music artists. Despite what they tell you, there is such a thing as timeless. It is possible to live a life that will leave an enduring legacy. You are capable of living above the current ebb and flow; in fact, you were created to.

Broaden your gaze to beyond the now. Don’t settle for just one day.

Seize Eternity.

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